SLSK927 Now That's What I Call 3DBass 2037!



In collaboration with the Broadside NFT community, Soulseek Records releases the Original Soundtrack for the BSIDE 2037 Capture the Flag Roblox Experience. 7 Tracks made by community members featuring tracks from Cinco Dollazz. Learn more about BSIDE 2037 here.

Art Assets:

PROMO ART : - working file

Game thumbnail :

SIDE A LABEL : (Asset Needed) AI FILE

SIDE B LABEL : (Asset Needed) same as side A file

Jacket: (Asset Needed) Single 12" Standard FILE

Jacket ALT: (Asset Needed) Gatefold single or double FILE

Sleeve front (or front and back): Broadsiders? File

Sticker (for outside shrinkwrap): Was thinking can be a promo for BSIDE 2037 File

Insert (???): Metaverse Roadshow Rave Flyer File

need lyrics, need credits from artists, need masters, have tracklisting...


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